10+ Unedited aespa Photos From University Festivals That Show Off Their Gorgeous Real Life Visuals

Winter was stunning in #7.

SM Entertainment girl group aespa recently performed in university festivals for the first time since debut. Thousands of students attended the events to catch a glimpse of them, and they were in for a treat!

It was confirmed that each member looks drop dead gorgeous in person. Check out proof of this below.

1. Winter

First up, Winter went viral for her cute looks when she wore her hair in pigtails.


2. Karina

Karina’s otherworldly beauty was even more apparent in real life.


3. Giselle

Giselle’s smile easily lit up the entire venue.


4. Ningning

Ningning was captivating on stage.


5. Karina

Karina is nicknamed an “AI” for a reason—she’s so beautiful, it’s almost unbelievable!

6. aespa

It’s hard to focus on one member when all are breathtaking.

| @INT0GISELLE/Twitter

7. Winter

No one could look away from Winter whenever she was on stage.

8. Karina

Karina’s hair flip gave us life.

9. Giselle

Giselle was as flawless in person as expected.

10. Ningning

Ningning’s charisma was undeniable.

11. Karina

Karina owned the stage…and everyone’s hearts.

12. aespa

And finally, aespa’s visuals were top notch as proven in a fancam of them leaving the venue.