Aespa Is Performing An Unreleased Song At Coachella 2022, And Here Are 11 Relatable Fan Reactions To The News

Could this be the start of a new comeback era?

Aespa has been confirmed to be in the line-up for Coachella 2022 and fans couldn’t be more excited—and proud! The four-member group will be performing on the main stage with a set list that includes their iconic hits “Black Mamba,” “Next Level,” and “Savage.” But what’s even more exciting is that they will also be performing an unreleased song that has not yet been heard! And some fans can’t stop thinking about the implications: could this bring on a new aespa comeback? Here are 11 relatable fan reactions to the news of aespa’s upcoming performance of their unreleased song.


1. New music from aespa? *faints*

2. Can’t compute

3. Gonna be a week full of blessings topped by the UNRELEASED SONG

4. Sounds like it’s not a B-side!

5. Aespa overachieving

6. First they disappear then they drop an unreleased song on us?

7. Is this SM Entertainment’s scheme?

8. It’s worth it


10. Aespa at Coachella is one thing—aespa at Coachella with unreleased music is something else

11. Next comeback will be on a whole other level

Source: Newsen