Aespa’s Winter Looks Gorgeous In Literally Every Single Fashion Style—Here’s Proof

We can’t help but stan.

Aespa‘s Winter is undoubtedly a visual!

She gained widespread attention immediately after being revealed as one of the four members of aespa, SM Entertainment‘s newest girl group. With her delicate features and small face, it’s no wonder she quickly gained a legion of loyal fans.

Winter | SM Entertainment

With her visuals, every single outfit looks like it was made for her to wear. The fairy-like clothing in “Black Mamba” emphasized her untouchable beauty. In fact, she’s gorgeous in every single fashion style!

| SM Entertainment

How about cool and sexy? We all know she owns this concept.

Now what about gentle and friendly? It’s right up her ally as well!

We can’t forget the “high teen” look—is she the definition of luxurious? There’s no question about it!

| @aespa_official/Instagram

Besides these, the office worker attire is already legendary. She wore it in a dance practice of “Next Level,” and she made us all do a double take. The ID around her neck, her glasses, her two-inch pumps, and her all-black corporate attire were everything.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

Moreover, the possibility of Winter’s innocent face mixed with a devil-may-care streetwear attire makes us all bow down at her duality.

Of course, she’s also right at home with more elegant styles as well. Winter wore a Givenchy halter top dress for her magazine shoot with The Glass Magazine and we couldn’t look away from her!

| The Glass Magazine

One thing’s for sure, Winter looks fantastic in every single style!

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