10+ Pictures That Prove aespa Winter’s New Hair Color Takes Her Already Stunning Visuals To The Next Level

Her goddess vibes have never been stronger.

aespa‘s Winter debuted a new hair color at SMTOWN LIVE 2022, and MYs are going crazy thanks to her ethereal visuals. Winter has always been a beauty, and all the hairstyles and hair colors she’s had have brought out her many different charms, but her new long copper hair has fans thinking of one word: goddess.

Though it’s only been a few days since she revealed her new hair, aespa’s schedule has been so packed that we already have multiple looks of Winter with her reddish brown hair, and these 11 photos prove her visuals are on another level.

1. aespa’s Aphrodite

Nothing is more ethereal than this styling, and Winter herself was the brain behind the look.


2. Goddess Of Beauty Or Fairy Queen Of Snow?

Winter’s fairytale-like visuals have us all under her spell.

| @VirginSnow0101/Twitter

3. Her Perfect Side Profile

It’s these candid photos of Winter that make it hard for MYs to believe she isn’t a living doll.


4. The Cutest Mandu

Winter never fails to melt our hearts with her adorable expressions.

| @January_wt/Twitter

5. Elegant And Dangerous

Winter’s elegance takes on a dangerous allure when she’s wearing leather.


6. Her Dance Lines Are Smooth And Sharp

She’s lead vocalist AND lead dancer for a reason.


7. Casual Girlfriend Look

Oversized clothes maximize Winter’s chic charms.

| @aespa_official/Twitter

8. Simple Yet Stunning

Winter doesn’t need much to win over everyone with her visuals.


9. Acting Debut When?

Winter has yet to make her acting debut, but she’s already giving “A-List actress attending an award ceremony” vibes.


10. Her Face Card Will Never Decline

There’s a reason why no matter what hairstyle Winter tries, she always looks amazing.


11. Queen Bee

If Winter was the queen bee in a high school drama, no one would be able to come for her throne.

| @VirginSnow0101/Twitter