10+ Of aespa’s Best And “Not-So-Best” Outfits And Styling, According To Fans

What are some of your favorite aespa looks?

As one of the hottest fouth generation groups, aespa constantly have attracted attention for their talent and skills. The group have also gone viral for their visuals and outfits, although not the attention has been positive from fans.

Here are 8 of aespa’s best and not-so-best styling, according to fans.

1. Not-So-Best — 2020 SBS Gayo Daejeon

Fans were not into the members’ looks, saying they should have worn something more glamorous for such a momentous occasion.

2. Best — 2022 KBS Gayo Daechukje Stage Outfits

Aespa was redeemed from their 2020’s Gayo looks with these gorgeous stage outfits.

aespa’s Giselle
aespa’s Karina
aespa’s Winter
aespa’s Ningning

3. Not-So-Best — 2021 Asia Artist Awards

The consensus from fans was that these outfits made the group look much older than they were.

4. Best — SYNK: HYPERLINE in Seoul

Fans fell in love with the group’s fashion during their first concert earlier this year.

5. Not-So-Best — Giselle’s “Spicy” Showcase Look

Giselle’s outfit for the “Thirsty” press conference inspired outrage, with fans saying the stylist didn’t even try.

6. Best — Giselle’s Acqua Di Parma Event Look

Giselle turned heads in this sexy little black dress.

7. Not-So-Best — Winter’s Extensions

Winter is usually known for wearing her hair in a bob but occasionally would be fitted with extensions that did not always work.

8. Best — Winter’s “Bobbiest Bob”

Many fans called Winter’s hairstyle in teasers for their latest release, her most “bobby bob” ever.

9. Not-So-Best — Ningning’s too-short “Girls” outfit

While the dress might have looked pretty, Ningning was uncomfortable wearing it and was seen trying to pull it down multiple times during the performance on Inkigayo.

10. Best — Ningning’s Coachella Look

Ningning looked gorgeous in this body suit that, most importantly, didn’t seem to make her uncomfortable.

11. Not-So-Best — Karina’s Givenchy Store Dress

While fans did not dig the entire group’s outfits for this Givenchy event, Karina’s dress was particularly discussed.

12. Best — Karina’s “Spicy” Showcase Look

Karina looked every bit like a Barbie during this showcase!

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