15 Album-Only BTS Songs That We’re Dying To Hear Live In Concert

These songs haven’t been performed in concert…yet.

BTS has performed most of their songs in concert at least once, but fans are still hoping for the day when they can hear these 15 songs live!

1. “Heartbeat”

2. “Sea”

3. “Paradise”

4. RM’s “Seoul”

5. “Don’t Leave Me”

6. “Can You Turn Off Your Phone?”

7. V’s “Sweet Night” for the Itaewon Class OST

8. J-Hope’s “Hangsang”

9. Jin’s “Tonight”

10. RM’s “Forever Rain”

11. AGUST D’s “Give It To Me”

12. “Outro: Crack”

13. “Dream Glow”

14. “Euphoria” (DJ Swivel remix)

15. Every new song on Map of the Soul: 7

BTS performed a few songs from their new album during promotions, but thousands of concert-goers can’t wait to hearing them on BTS’s world tour! One of the most highly-anticipated songs is “We are Bulletproof: the Eternal”.