AleXa Reveals The Top 3 Pros And Top 3 Cons Of Being A K-Pop Idol

She spilled the tea on the positives and negatives of idol life.

Following her epic debut with “Bomb”, AleXa took the K-Pop world by storm with her killer stage presence and overflowing talent. Finding out her journey from a mere K-Pop fan to achieving the ultimate dream of becoming an idol makes her that much more amazing. Yet, like everything else in life, there are both positives and negatives to being a K-Pop idol.

Through DAY6‘s Jae‘s podcast How Did I Get Here?, she spilled a bit of tea about it. After reading a fan-submitted question asking the broad subject of how it felt to be an idol, there were far too many parts to answer it. She decided to narrow it down to three positives and three negatives. Here they are.


1. The Worldwide Appreciation

Once AleXa became an idol, she was able to share her talents with even more people from the worldwide reach the genre involves, “I get to share my art with the world. And, seeing the fans that I have accrued over the years of my career.

She’s thankful for not only seeing her fans steadily increase but everyone enjoying and acknowledging her art. From fans to those who work behind the scenes, AleXa appreciates them all.

Nothing makes me happier when I see their positive reactions to what we’re putting out here. Everyone behind the scenes too…it’s just really nice seeing how positively people react to your art and the hard work that goes on behind. It makes everything feel like it’s worth it in the end.

2. All Of The Performing

The second positive is one of the most essential things that fans love to see idols do most. The act of being on stage and displaying their hard work: “Number two pro about being an idol is just getting to perform, in general.

Although she hadn’t dreamed of being an idol since she was very little, she’d always dreamt of being a performer. Because of all the weekly music shows she films during promotions, AleXa feels right at home.

But from a young age, I’ve always wanted to be a performer of sorts. So, getting to perform like, especially when you’re promoting and doing music shows every day of the week… It’s so much fun for me. I really love that.

3. Meeting Other Passionate Idols

The last positive part of being an idol that AleXa had to mention is the opportunity to connect with other idols who can understand her: “I guess it’s just getting to meet like-minded individuals who share the same passions. Share the same passions; share the same ideals; got the same dream.

It’s not merely because they share the same profession. They have so many similarities in their goals and thinking that they can easily relate to and support each other.

Some of my friends and I have really similar backstories even. It’s really crazy to find how similar you are with other artists of the industry. It’s comforting, especially because I’ve been a solo artist this whole time.


1. Fulfilling Expectations

After AleXa emphasized that every line of work has its positives and negatives, her top con was how stressful it could be to maintain a level that’s expected of her, “Trying to stay consistent I guess. While your job is your job, it’s very important that you do your best.”

As a new idol, she’s still finding the right balance between her usual self and idol image, “You got to remember you’re only human too. That’s the thing. So, I mean, trying to balance out your human life versus what you gotta do, how you got to be whenever work demands it.

2. Lack Of Sleep

Between all of the schedules and practice that idols have in a single day, many have admitted to sleeping only a few hours a night. AleXa is no different but made all the more tiring from her own insomnia, “Inconsistent sleep is a thing. I had insomnia before I even began this grand scheme of idoling.

Not only does it prevent her from getting all the sleep, but it causes an unusual sleep schedule that can cause her to stay up extremely late on the days she doesn’t need to.

Whenever your schedules are, you could ask any artist in the industry, I guarantee you, schedules are always [up and down]…. So, it’s kind of hard to base a sleep schedule off of that sometimes. And, when you do have days off, that’s when your brain is like, ‘Let’s stay awake until five in the morning. Oh, you want to sleep? You’re going to lie down for ten minutes and then you’re still not going to sleep.’

3. Caution When Socializing

When thinking of a third, AleXa had a bit of trouble since the positives of being an idol far outweighed the negatives. Even so, she thought one area that was a little tricky to handle, “Maybe socializing is a little difficult because you got to be careful.

Although she didn’t specify why, fans know precisely why. “That’s the thing. In this line of work, you do have to be careful.” With every one of their interactions with other idols being scrutinized–especially between opposite sexes—it could easily cause misunderstandings and false rumors.