Did You Notice Almost Every Lightstick Design Fits Into One Of These 6 Themes?

Do you know any lightsticks that break the patterns?

Every K-Pop lightstick design is unique in its own way, but many of them have similarities too. In fact, the majority of K-Pop lightstick designs all fit into one of these 6 themes.


1. The Bubble Lightstick

The ‘bubble’ lightstick is by far the most common style in K-Pop. At least a dozen lightsticks feature clear, plastic, bubble-like domes that house something inside. Take a look at a few examples.


Version 1 of SEVENTEEN‘s Carat Bong is the perfect example of this theme. Inside the bubble sits a rose quartz crystal.


Sunmi‘s lightstick is one ball inside another. The bubble dome sits around a disco ball that matches the retro theme of her Wonder Girls years perfectly.


The bubble of (G)I-DLE‘s lightstick is ribbed like a hot hair balloon, but it still fits the theme of round, transparent shell.


2. The Logo Lightstick

Logo lightsticks vary a lot in style, but they all have one common theme: they’re based around the group’s logo. This style is particularly common over at SM Entertainment, as you can see from these examples.

Red Velvet

Nicknamed Mandu Bong by fans because of its dumpling-like shape, Red Velvet‘s lightstick is based around their clever ‘RV’ logo.

Girls’ Generation

One of the prettiest SM Entertainmentlightstick designs is Girls’ Generation’s. The focal point is the ‘GG’ logo, and the outer shell is a pink heart formed around it.


NCT‘s bright green lightstick shows off the logo on all four sides.

3. The Food Lightstick

There are also many lightsticks out there with designs based on various foods. Next time you suddenly feel hungry watching one of these group’s concerts, you’ll know why.


As soon as you see the pink and orange swirl design of TWICE‘s Candy Bong, you instantly know it’s made to look like a lollipop. Version 2 of this lightstick went for a more abstracted design, but the original looks good enough to eat.


MAMAMOO‘s green-topped lightstick doesn’t make much sense to non-fans until they learn the Korean word for “radish” is “moo“. The radish design is quirky, cute, and delicious all rolled into one.


Before they disbanded, I.O.I had the most mouthwatering lightstick in the industry. There’s no mistaking this one for anything other than a perfectly whipped ice cream cone.


4. The Weapon Lightstick

There’s nothing dangerous about waving a lightstick at a concert—unless you count the risk of accidentally getting hit by an overexcited fan. But these lightsticks are all based of dangerous weapons in design.


Undoubtedly one of the most unique lightstick designs out there, BLACKPINK‘s Pyong Bong is made to look like a pink, heart-shaped hammer.


While most K-Pop lightsticks are referred to as Bongs, BTS‘s has its own unique name: the ARMY Bomb, because of its bomb-shaped design.

Cherry Bullet

The BTS and BLACKPINK lightstick designs don’t take the weapon theme too literally, but Cherry Bullet‘s lightstick looks exactly like a gun. The group debuted with a video game concept, so it makes sense that their lightstick looks like it came straight out of a First Person Shooter.


5. The Geometric Lightstick

Similar to the bubble style of lightstick, geometric-themed lightsticks house their bulbs in translucent or transparent plastic shells. Except, in this case, those shells are crystal-like shapes with many sides.


Unlike many SM Entertainment lightstick’s, SHINee‘s design isn’t a direct representation of their logo. Instead, it has a geometric diamond shape that lights up in aqua.


Both iterations of the MONSTA X lightstick also angular geometric shells that evoke the hard edges of the group’s official ‘MX’ logo.


Chungha‘s lightstick looks like it fell straight from the stars. The outside is a sparkly diamond shape, while the inside features a rainbow moon and star.


6. The Head Lightstick

Perhaps the strangest theme of all, these lightsticks are all shaped like animal heads. Some are cute, and others are a little creepy.


Apink‘s fandom name is Pink Panda, so it’s no surprise that their lightstick design is just that—a pink panda head.


The fluorescent skull design of B1A4‘s version 1 lightstick makes it look just like a Halloween decoration. The design may be unusual, but many fans weren’t happy when Bbyongie’s design was changed to a plain white style.


This alien bunny head lightstick is equal parts cute and creepy, and definitely 100% unique.