This Is The Alphabet, According to BTS Fans

If you hear “BTS” and think Bangtan Boys instead of “behind the scenes” then chances are the rest of your alphabet has been hijacked too.

1. A is for A.R.M.Y

BTS never misses an opportunity to tell the world how much they love and appreciate their fans.

A.R.M.Y is number one in the alphabet and number one in BTS’s hearts.


2. B is for “Beach. B*tch? Beach.”

In this clip, Jimin proved just how important pronunciation is.


3. C is for cyphers

BTS’s rap line slays every time they spit rhymes on a new Cypher track…

…and V is known to be a huge Cypher fan.


4. D is for “dangerous man”

Suga‘s legendary fangirl called him a “dangerous man” because his sexiness caused her so much anguish.


5. E is for elephant moles

Jungkook and V have matching ones and aren’t shy about showing them off.


6. F is for “Fire”


7. G is for God of Destruction

RM has gained a reputation for breaking things.


8. H is for Hobi


9. I is for international playboy

Jungkook accidentally bestowed himself with this nickname after reciting the lyrics for “Bulletproof”. RM tried to prompt him to say the line “seukeireun jeonguk”, which translates to “my scale is nationwide”. Instead, when Jungkook heard “national” he said “international playboy” in English.

Jungkook’s “international playboy” title became a running joke within the fandom, since Jungkook has often been captured acting shy around girls.


10. J is for Jungshook

Jungkook has become a living meme with his wide-eyed “shook” expression.


11. K is for “kaep jjang”

During a live broadcast, Suga cutely said “kaep jjang” so many times that it nearly became his new catchphrase. “kaep jjang” means “cool”.


12. L is for “L.A., man!”

The BTS members recorded a Bangtan Bomb during their first flight to Los Angelos. During the video, Jimin expressed his excitement about visiting the city while practicing his English. Now, it’s impossible for BTS fans to hear “L.A.” without mentally adding “man” after it.


13. M is for mochi

One of Jimin’s nicknames is “mochi”, a sweet and squishy Japanese rice cake.

It suits this adorable angel just perfectly.


14. N is for “no jams”

RM coined this iconic phrase during the same Bangtan Bomb. He told Jimin that he had “no jams” after Jimin demonstrated his English skills.


15. O is for “Oh man, holy sh*t!”

Jungkook once said this while Jin was eating, causing him to go into a coughing fit.


16. P is for “pardon”

Jungkook and RM had way too much fun with this word during RM’s English lesson.


17. Q is for “quit bothering your hyungs

BTS’s older members put up with a lot from the maknae line (Jungkook, Jimin, and V).


18. R is for Rookie King

Many BTS fans first fell in love with BTS after watching this hilarious reality show.


19. S is for “snakeu”

J-Hope once had to wear a snake for a photo shoot. It didn’t go well.

During an interview, he called it the worst experience of his life and said the now famous line, “I hate snakeu”.


20. T is for traffic dance

For a while, this was Jin’s signature move.

He gave the other members lessons, but no one can do it quite like Jin can.

21. U is for underwear

On Rookie King, Suga confessed to stealing and wearing Jungkook’s underwear.

As a result, he received lots of underwear from fans so that he wouldn’t have to share anymore.

22. V is for V’s v sign


23. W is for Worldwide Handsome

Jin never gets sick of telling the world just how good-looking he is!


24. X is for eXtra


25. Y is for Yoonji

Nobody rocks a school girl uniform quite like Suga as his alter-ego, the ice princess Min Yoonji.


26. Z is for zombies

During an episode of BTS Run the members barely survived a zombie outbreak.

Fans got to see the Scaredy Cat line at their best.