5 Altruistic Idols & Groups Helping In The Fight Against Coronavirus

These idols are all doing their part to keep everyone healthy.

The coronavirus outbreak has been rapidly spreading across the world for several months, with almost 30 cases confirmed in South Korea. Thankfully, these altruistic and thoughtful idols are doing their best to fight the spread of the COVID-19.

1. Baekhyun (EXO)

EXO’s Baekhyun recently attracted attention for his coronavirus prevention methods at the airport.

Baekhyun arrived wearing a heavy-duty filter mask, correctly using a clip to hold the mask tight around this face. This prevents any COVID-19 virus particles from seeping through the sides.

Then, he made sure to use the hand sanitizing station to kill any germs he may have picked up during travel.

While Baekhyun’s attention to hygiene was primarily to protect himself from the virus, it’s always a big help to see public figures demonstrating how the public should act to stay healthy.

2. Chungha

Birthdays are meant to be a time for receiving, but Chungha turned hers into a time for giving.

On February 9, Chungha made a huge donation to ChildFund Korea—20 million won, around $17,000 USD—to purchase around 10,000 masks for children who can’t afford them.

After donating, Chungha made a statement on how she hopes the funds will help low-income families. She also said she intends to stay informed so she can keep helping underprivileged kids.

3. V (BTS)

Like Baekhyun, BTS’s V showed how drawing attention to an issue can be a big help. On Weverse, V responded to a fan who wished everyone good health during the holidays while coronavirus is spreading.

By responding to the message encouraging health and safety himself, V ensured all his fans on the platform were reminded to take precautions to keep COVID-19 at bay.

One of V’s fan bases, Baidu Kim Taehyung Bar, helped out even further by donating around 70,000 masks (¥65,000 RMB, around $9,000 USD).

4. Super Junior

Super Junior also made a mask donation to prevent the spread of the virus. After cancelling audience participation in their comeback show to keep themselves and fans safe, Super Junior donated 10,000 masks to the Community Chest of Korea.

The masks were distributed at Korean youth welfare facilities, ensuring that the most vulnerable of the population stay protected.

5. Jaejoong

Former JYJ and TVXQ member Jaejoong surprised everyone when he donated to a fan fundraising project for coronavirus masks.

Not long after Jaejoong’s DC Gallery fanbase, DC_Jellery, opened the fundraiser, they were hit with a staggering donation of ₩10 million KRW (around $8,500 USD). The most surprising part? The donation was made under the name ‘Kim Jaejoong’.

Later, Jaejoong’s agency (C-JeS) confirmed the singer did in fact make the donation.