5 Amazing Groups That Can Be Created With Idols Of The Same Name

These groups are seriously stacked.

Having multiple idols of the same name is very commonplace in K-Pop. Have you ever thought what it would be like if we grouped idols by their names? Some very stacked lineups emerged when we assemble these groups.

1. The Minas

If we put TWICE’s Mina, Gugudan’s Mina, AOA‘s Mina and Girl’s Day’s Minah together we would have one of the most visual groups in K-Pop, despite none of them being the designated visual of their group.

Both Mina (TWICE) and Mina (Gugudan) are their groups’ designated main dancers and they have the skills to justify having their titles. Mina (Gugudan) is also a capable rapper which can add some vocal flavour to the group. Minah (Girl’s Day) and Mina (AOA) are both talented vocalists so they can do a lot of the carrying in this regard, while the other two Minas add some more colour into their sound.

2. The Minhyuks

“The Minhyuks” would be made up of BTOB’s Minhyuk, MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, BLOCK B’s Minhyuk, ASTRO’s Rocky and CNBLUE’s Minhyuk.

Four of the five Minhyuks promote with their real names, Rocky of ASTRO’s real name is Park Minhyuk so he qualifies for the group. This group would definitely be more focused on rap and dance rather than pure vocal ability. They too have the visual qualities a group needs down though.

3. The Sooyoungs

If Sooyoung (Girl’s Generation), Joy (Red Velvet) and Yves (LOONA) whose real names are Sooyoung got on stage together, who knows what chaos they could get up to. Their sound would be unpredictable but at the very least it would be entertaining because of the strong personalities of these Joy and Sooyoung. Yves may be able to bring some order to the trio but she will struggle to do so.

4. The Jihoons

Park Jihoon (formerly WANNA ONE), P.O (Block B) and Woozi (SEVENTEEN) whose real names are Jihoon would have incredible production power. Even if they never performed themselves think of the songs they could create together, every group in Korea would want a song created by the Jihoons.

5. The Eunbis

SinB and Eunha from GFRIEND and Eunbi from IZ*ONE would form “The Eunbis”. All three idols are very well balanced in their vocal and dancing abilities and they also have fantastic versatility when it comes to their concept. We can envision these three idols working with any concept and their visual power is no joke either.