15 Amazing Idol Covers That You Likely Never Heard About But Definitely Need In Your Life

Best covers ever!

Every K-Pop fan knows at least one cover that their favorite artist has done. Whether this is another K-Pop song or something originally done by a western artist, we can’t help falling in love with their special versions of the song. But sometimes, these amazing covers seem to be all but forgotten! Perhaps it was because some of them were ever only performed during a music show while others only appear on a group’s YouTube page, but these cover songs are so good you’ll wish you would have heard them sooner!


1. AKMU’s rendition of SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”

As one of SHINee‘s most beloved songs, not many people are brave enough to attempt covering “Ring Ding Dong”. Even knowing that, AKMU weren’t afraid to try the song out right in front of SHINee on Superstar K.


Adding in a little bit of their own flair to the song, AKMU kept all the elements of the classic version while still making it their own. It’s a very unique version of the song that surprisingly few people know about!


2. KHAN’s arrangement of Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”

Ever since “Despacito” first came out it’s been a huge hit with a ton of different artists all over the world covering the song! And one of those covers was actually done by KHAN!


The duo added their own amazing vocals to the song and actually performed the version completely in Spanish. While there are many other fantastic covers of “Despacito” out there, KHAN’s amazing version definitely deserves a listen!


3. NU’EST-M’s version of Ylvis’ “What Does The Fox Say”

Not many people will remember NU’EST-M since they only recorded two songs before dissolving which might explain why even fewer people know about this cover!


If you thought it couldn’t get better than the original “What Does The Fox Say”, get ready for the surprise of a lifetime because NU’EST’s version is something nobody asked for but we all needed.


4. PENTAGON Jinho’s melodic cover of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”

Some people might not be aware that every month PENTAGON‘s Jinho releases a cover of a song as part of his Magazine Ho series. One of the best on the list of covers that he’s done is a rendition of Bruno Mars‘ “When I Was Your Man”.


Jinho’s sweet vocals will transport you somewhere else and you’ll want to keep this song on repeat. And if you’ve never listened to any of his other covers that are part of the series, you definitely need to check them out because they are all as amazing as this one!


5. Apink Eunji’s arrangement of Jennifer Hudson’s “I Love You I Do” from “Dreamgirls”

By now everyone should know that Eunji has some incredible vocal powers. She showcases them all the time in Apink songs, but she’s also showed them off in her cover of “I Love You I Do”.


The song fits perfectly with Eunji’s natural talents and makes her voice sound even sweeter! While not everyone knows about this particular song, they really should!


6. Kevin Woo and 15& Jimin’s “Rewrite The Stars” cover from “The Greatest Showman”

Did you know that former U-KISS member Kevin has a YouTube account where he posts some very amazing covers? Well, he does and his latest video had him partnering up with his former After School Club co-host.


Let’s just say that this cover is the perfect combination of Jimin and Kevin’s vocals and you’ll fall head over heels in love!


7.  NATURE’s rendition of The Knack’s “My Sharona”

An oldie but goody, NATURE once took on The Knack‘s debut track “My Sharona”…


And let’s just say they totally killed it!


8. DAY6’s version of Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”

“Nobody” is a classic K-Pop song that pretty much every fan knows. What might not be known is that DAY6 did a cover of the song!


Their version is a bit more slowed down but it fits with their style really well. Give it a listen because it’s a whole lot different from the original while also somehow completely the same!


9. BTOB’s cover of Seo Taiji And The Boys’ “I Know”

Another classic song by one of K-Pop’s first generation group’s, Seo Taiji’s And The Boys‘ “I Know” is a great song!


And when you add in some of BTOB‘s fun personalities you know you’re in for a treat! Complete with throwback outfits and iconic dance moves, BTOB’s version of “I Know” will likely become a new favorite!


10. Dreamcatcher’s version of WINNER’s “Really Really”

Bet you didn’t know you really, really needed Dreamcatcher‘s version of “Really Really” in your life but you totally do!


Combining the irresistible lyrics and beat from the original and adding in some of Dreamcatcher’s own charms makes this version pretty unique and still totally danceable!


11. SPICA’s “Cup Song” cover

SPICA may be best known for the super sexy concepts but they can also do sweet concept too!


And nothing is sweeter than watching them perform their own version of the “Cup Song”. Their skills will seriously blow you away!


12. BIGBANG’s Daesung and WINNER’s Seungyoon’s cover of 2NE1’s “Ugly”

As part of the YG Family World Tour, Daesung and Seungyoon teamed up to perform this iconic 2NE1 song!


Their heat and passion during this performance is absolutely astounding and will make you fall even harder for these two boys!


13. Super Junior’s Heechul and Jungmo’s “Spring Days of My Life”

If you’ve never heard Heechul and Jungmo‘s version of “Spring Days of My Life” from Immortal Songs, you’ve been missing out. Not only does this version totally rock…


But Bae Gi Seong also makes a surprise appearance to sing a few bars with Heechul!


14. MAMAMOO Hwasa’s “Fly Me To The Moon”

This song has always been beautiful and every cover seems to do justice to the original but there’s just something about Hwasa‘s version that takes things to the next level. It’s like her vocals were meant for this song!


15. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua and Wanna One/NU’EST’s Hwang Minhyun’s “Overcome” cover

When two idols from two different groups mix magic can happen and nothing proves this quite like when Minhyun and Joshua teamed up for a cover of “Overcome”.


Their rendition is absolutely stunning and somehow the acoustic version just matches their voices so well. If you weren’t already in love with them, you’ll definitely be after listening to this song!