5 More “Animal Crossing” Clothing Creations By Super Creative K-Pop Fans

We’ll definitely be using a couple of these for our characters!

Animal Crossing is as big now as it was when it first released. While some people play for fun, others work hard to create God-tier islands. Regardless of your style of play, what everyone has in common is their love of dressing their character up! Thanks to some talented K-Pop fans who also love Animal Crossing, we can all dress our characters up in K-Pop themed outfits.

1. TWICE-inspired outfits made by Gisli UwU

Source: Gislilo/Reddit

Source: Gislilo/Reddit

Source: Gislilo/Reddit

2. BTS-inspired outfits made by mementos-of-mori


3. Red Velvet Joy’s “Psycho” Look made by blris-crossing


4. BTS J-Hope’s “DNA” look made by moyashi-crossing


5. B.A.P-inspired outfit made by hyuckbucket


There are so many more cool K-Pop-inspired outfits on the Internet. We are seriously in awe of how talented everyone is!