How To Annoy Korean People—Try Not To Do These Things

No nice person would do these things anyway, but you never know…

Have you ever wanted to know how to annoy your Korean friends? Of course not, right? 😉 No, no, you definitely want to know these things so you can avoid irritating your Korean friends. Well, thanks to lifestyle vlogger Rachel Kim, you have nothing to fear!

Source: Rachel Kim/YouTube

1. Block them from pushing the “close door” button on an elevator

I know the button only cuts down like three seconds for the whole ride, well guess what? I don’t want to be in the elevator, even for three more seconds.


Source: Martin Péchy/Pexels

2. Forbid drinking soju while eating K-BBQ

This is really, really mean.


Source: yosoo/pixabay

3. Forbid drinking coffee after lunch

Coffee after lunch is a necessity. It’s literally the source of my energy…



4. Slow down their internet

I can’t stand when the Internet is slow.


Source: Junior Teixeira/Pexels

While you can’t necessarily slow down a person’s Internet, you can surely unplug it, which would be just as mean (if not meaner)! Did you know about these things already, or did Rachel teach you something new?

Check out Rachel’s video below to get the full impact of her reaction to these annoying things, as well as to hear her funny commentary. 😊