Top 3 Most Anticipated Actors For 2021, According To Industry Experts

They’re expected to dominate 2021!

Get ready K-Drama fans, there are new stars on the rise! Although there are many young and talented actors who are making waves with their roles in recent dramas and films, three in particular are being praised by industry experts.

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These industry experts are expecting them to become even more famous in 2021 thanks to their capabilities, visuals, and charisma. Check out the three most anticipated actors for 2021 below!

3. Jo Byung Gyu

Third on the list is the endearing actor Jo Byung Gyu! The up-and-coming actor made his mark in numerous K-Drama hits such as The Uncanny Counter…

Sky Castle

…and Hot Stove League.

He continues to impress with his natural acting— so much so, in fact, that each role of his almost seems made for him.

2. Lee Do Hyun

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The next anticipated actor is heartthrob Lee Do Hyun! He made viewers take a closer look at him in the dramas 18 Again…

Sweet Home

…and Hotel Del Luna, where he didn’t leave a dry eye in the room when his backstory was revealed.

Industry experts are all-praise for his delicate and emotional expressions. Viewers can’t help but immerse themselves in his role!

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1. Song Kang

Finally, at first place is none other than the irresistible actor Song Kang! Best known for starring in Love Alarm…

The Liar And His Lover

and the most recent Netflix hit Sweet Home, he continues to show a wide range as an actor.

He received the most attention from industry experts for his warm visuals, pure charm, and incredible acting skills that they claim has improved remarkably in a short amount of time.

These actors are snatching hearts left and right with their talent and visuals, so it’s no wonder experts think 2021 is their year!

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