Apink’s First Impressions Of Each Other Prove They Were Destined To Be Together

Match made in heaven!

Apink is one of K-Pop’s longest-running female idol groups, debuting in 2011 with their EP Seven Springs. These girls have proven that groups can last for a long time if they continue to trust and work together as a family and as a group.

The order in which the members joined the agency is Bomi, Naeun, Namjoo, Chorong, Hayoung, and Eunji. Let’s take a look at what they thought about each other the first time they met!

Park Chorong

She joined the agency at 19 and moved to Seoul to train for two year before debuting. In terms of first impressions, Bomi stated that she had a soft yet strong image of her. Hayoung remember a really pretty trainee being in their agency and that happened to be Chorong. Namjoo remembers Chorong as the one who always had one pant leg rolled up.


Bomi was first to join the agency and trained for three years, the longest out of all the members. All the members agree that she seemed a bit cold in the beginning and was always the one that sat at the back of the bus. Eunji remembers her as being super friendly to everyone.


Eunji was last to join the agency and had the shortest training period. She basically debuted right after she joined. Hayoung remembers Eunji being friendly and talkative to everyone. They remembered her especially because of her Busan accent. All the members agree that she was very pure-hearted and had a good personality.


Naeun initially followed her cousin to an audition and ended up being chosen to become a trainee. Chorong says she became close with Naeun after they debuted together. Eunji remembers Naeun with long hair and training clothes on.


Namjoo has always been interested in singing and dancing and even won second place at a dance competition at six years old. Bomi remembers her as being super cute. All the members agree that she is good at finding all the good eating spots. Chorong remembers becoming close to her because of both of them loved food.


Hayoung began training at 14 years old and ultimately joined Apink. Chorong remembers her being very small and weak. Namjoo remembers her looking very exotic when they first met each other.

Seeing that they all had good first impressions of each other allowed them to become close like family. This tight-knit group and their trust and friendship helped them continue their journey as Apink to this day. Fans are thankful that they were able to witness their almost ten year journey together and can’t wait to see what else in store for them!