8 Times April’s Naeun Slayed Her Off-Duty Fashion

She knows how to work it!

APRIL‘s Naeun‘s visuals are undeniable, and there is much to love about her! One of those being her casual fashion which emphasizes her visuals!

1. Looking good in neutrals

Naeun keeps in simple in her gray turtle neck top and black blazer!

2. More neutral pieces!

Naeun is spotted wearing a khaki pullover with her usual jeans and manages to still look good!

3. Accessorize!

Naeun wore a simple outfit with neutral pieces as well, which she seems to be fond of, but this time giving her look a touch of color with her orange cap!

4. Looking fresh in black

Naeun looks fresh even in an all black outfit! Her blue nails give more detail to her whole look!

5. Bold accessories

Naeun wore a plain light blue top and accessorized with bold earrings making her stand out more!

6. Even on the beach

Even on the beach, Naeun manages to stand out with her fashion! She is wearing a white top and bottom and paired it with a nude colored coat, again slaying her signature neutral colored fashion pieces!

7. Lipstick is key

Naeun gave her outfit a pop of color with her bright pink lipstick!

8. Highlights

One more thing that Naeun seems to like to pair her neutral pieces with one piece of a bright colored item to make it stand out.