April’s Naeun Reveals Her 8 Top Tips For Taking The Perfect Instagram Selfies

Follow this selfie goddess’s advice for the perfect pics.

April‘s Naeun has over 2 million followers on Instagram—almost five times as many as her group’s account. If that doesn’t prove this visual knows how to take a great selfie, nothing will. Luckily for you, Naeun revealed some of her top tips for taking great selfies in a new interview with 1stLook.

1. Take a lot of pictures

Given how gorgeous Naeun is, you may think every selfie she snaps is perfect. However, the April star revealed she usually snaps about 50 photos every time she tries to take a selfie. After filtering out the duds, she’s left with the perfect pictures.

| @betterlee_0824/Instagram

2. Know your angles

Naeun confessed that she “totally prefers the left side” of her face, whether she’s taking a selfie or appearing in a YouTube interview. Knowing your best angles can go a long way in making your selfies look their best.

| @betterlee_0824/Instagram

3. Take mirror shots

Up-close selfies are great, but mirror shots are actually some of Naeun’s favorites. Why? Because they show your entire look, not just your face. This adds interest to your photos and can help you feel more confident about sharing them.

| @betterlee_0824/Instagram

4. Use natural light

Naeun does take a lot of photos in her company’s dance practice room, but she says the best pictures are “taken under natural light“. That’s why DSP Media‘s rooftop is another favorite photo spot for Naeun.

| @betterlee_0824/Instagram

5. Stand on tiptoes

Wish you could look taller in your selfies? Naeun recommends stretching your tiptoes right to the edge of wherever you’re standing—”your legs will definitely look longer“.

| @betterlee_0824/Instagram

6. Don’t worry about expensive apps

Naeun says she has a lot of apps on her phone, but most of the time, she just ends up using the basic iPhone camera app. It has plenty of color and brightness options built in to fine-tune your photos.

| @betterlee_0824/Instagram

7. Use the right editing features

Even the basic iPhone camera app gives you numerous options for editing your photos, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But Naeun says you don’t need to change much to make a photo great. Just reduce the exposure and contrast, then increase the brightness.

| @betterlee_0824/Instagram

8. Be confident!

Above all else, Naeun says “pictures are all about confidence“. If you with your own style, try unique angles, and love yourself while doing it, your selfies are sure to come out great.

| @betterlee_0824/Instagram
Source: 1stLook (YouTube)