ARMY Is Going Crazy Over These 10 BTS Moments At Their Signapore Concert

Singaporean ARMYs were so lucky.

BTS continued their “Love Yourself World Tour” today in Singapore and they are full to bursting with energy.

Their interactions with Singaporean ARMYs have everyone going crazy.

1. Jungkook singing “Magic Shop” with ARMY

Jungkook wrote “Magic Shop” to pick up ARMY when they feel down, allowing them to sing to him is such a touching gesture.

2. Fans chanting J-Hope’s name during “Trivia: Just Dance”

ARMY was electric for J-Hope as they chanted his name during his solo song, “Just Dance”.

3. Jimin gets no sympathy from BTS as he falls over during DNA

Jimin’s groupmates could only laugh as he dramatically fell over during their performance of “DNA”.

4. V showing off his sexy side

likely made the ARMYs in the front row faint when he did this.

5. The return of rapping Jungkook

Jungkook used to rap extensively during the early years of BTS but then he stopped to focus on his vocals. The rare re-emergence of rapping Jungkook is a nice sight. He rapped his verse from “No More Dream”.

6. BTS go mobile

BTS took their performance into the crowd on this moving cart.

7. Suga jamming during “Trivia: Seesaw”

Something about seeing Suga dance around to his own song is so heartwarming.

8. Jungkook’s performance of “Euphoria”

Every time Jungkook blesses ARMY with his song live it turns into a very emotional moment for all.

9. I purple you

Every ARMY had their lightstick and they combined to make a giant purple wave, reminiscent of V’s “borahae”.

10. No one is immune to Jin’s charms

Not even V is immune to the charms of “worldwide handsome”

Singaporean ARMYs really got a special treat with this BTS concert.