20+ Of The Funniest ARMY Reactions To BTS Jin’s Exciting 3+ Hour Gaming Live Broadcast

Jin’s hotel neighbors had quite an interesting 3+ hours.

BTS‘s Jin held a live broadcast via Weverse supposedly in honor of RM‘s birthday.

Yet, he struggled with the video game Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy for 3+ hours and raised eyebrows with his surprisingly NSFW vocal reactions.

So, here are 20+ of the funniest ARMY reactions to Jin’s gaming…

1. Night and day

2. Our favorite react channel

3. Been there, bro.

4. Happy birthday, RM!

5. Jin’s hotel neighbors must have gotten some entertainment.

6. BTS translators’ jobs just got interesting.

7. Staff checking on Jin like…

8. Kudos to Jin for his self-control.

9. ARMYs not watching the live but seeing updates like…

10. R.I.P. Jin’s computer.

11. The live sparked something in many…

12. Jin Twitch streamer when?

13. Jin is the sweetest gamer. Facts.

14. The 5 Stages of Grief by Jin

15. We were rooting for him.

16. The loudest ASMR?

17. Waiting for Jin to climb that dang rock…

18. It’s okay to give up, Jin.

19. Nap time?

20. Our roommates overhearing like…

21. The writer deserves a raise.

22. Gaming hamster

23. Besties for real

24. “Epiphany” remix?

25. The ARMY who waited patiently…

26. The end.

Check out 10+ must-see moments from Jin’s gaming live below.

10+ Moments From BTS Jin’s 3+ Hour Gaming Live Broadcast… In Honor Of RM’s Birthday

Source: Weverse

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