15 ARMY Moms Who Fell Madly In Love With BTS’s Jimin

Even moms aren’t immune to “The Jimin Effect”.

No one is immune to “The Jimin Effect”, not even moms! Here are 15 ARMY mothers who fell madly in love with Jimin’s charms.

1. Sign the divorce papers, please

2. Get in line!

3. The mom who puts Jimin’s photos on the fridge

4. “Do you like Jimin?” “YES!”

5. You’ve met Papa Mochi, but do you know Mama Mochi?

6. ARMY Selca Day, feat. this gorgeous mom

7. Busted!

8. “Jimmy Jammy”

9. There’s no denying it

10. Mama Bear mode: ACTIVATED

11. Say hello to your new step-dad

12. It’s about to get ugly!

13. Thor’s hammer

14. Her true favorite child

15. I love you, but not that much