Here Are 20+ ARMY Reactions To BTS At The 2022 GRAMMYs That Are Too Real

BTS was the main event!

The 2022 GRAMMYs (also known as The 64th GRAMMY Awards) was eventful due to BTS. The group not only performed their hit song “Butter” but was nominated for “Best Top Duo/Group Performance.”

So, here are 20+ ARMY reactions to the event that are too real…

1. Everyone always wants to know who Jin is!

2. BTS are celebrities’ celebrities.

3. As they should.

4. BTS performing first is every artists’ fear.

5. “Blame it on my juice!”

6. Secret Agent Man

7. When RM drops the spoiler…

8. What Olivia Rodrigo and V actually talked about

9. J-Hope is the main character.

10. “You are the cause of my euphoriaaaaa!”

11. BTS so hot for this.

12. That’s our leader.

13. Suga stans, you okay?

14. Yeah, we’re never letting it go now, sorry.

15. Bromance!

16. Dreams are now a reality.

17. Taking “criminals undercover too literally

18. He’s just matching the red carpet!

19. He’s in purple, too; it’s definitely him!

20. Same, RM, same.

21. RIP, ARMY!

22. Cast Jin for the male lead in K-Drama right now or else.

23. Rolling Stone is all of us.

24. Silk Sonic being ARMY so true.

25. It was just a footnote leading up to the real event.

26. John Batiste is for real an ARMY.

27. Someone had to do it.

28. “Keep our husbands’ names out of your mouth!”

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