Here’s 10+ Of The Best ARMY Reactions To BTS On BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge

BTS’s covers of “Fix You” and “I’ll Be Missing You” sit at the same table.

BTS appeared on BBC Radio 1‘s Live Lounge to perform some of their original songs “Permission to Dance” and “Dynamite” as well as a cover of “I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff Daddy, Faith Evans, and Sting.

Here are 10+ of the best ARMY reactions to BTS’s performance…

1. We just want someone to look at us like V looks at BTS

2. JinKook’s harmonies are next level

3. TBH, all of BTS know how to harmonize period.

4. V didn’t come to play around

5. Jungkook time and time again proves he’s one of the best vocalists

6. Jin seriously ate and left no crumbs

7. Jimin, a vocal king

8. Let’s hear it for our president

9. Nothing quite like seven together

10. The band deserves love too!

11. V is such a fashion icon

12. It’s a cover for the history books

13. We don’t always love covers, but when we do

14. This is just so endearing

15. J-Hope’s flow though

16. Some of the best performances

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