10+ Of The Best ARMY Reactions To BTS’s “Butter” 7 Weeks At #1 On Billboard Hot 100

What Suga wants Suga gets!

BTS have done it yet again! With their single “Butter,” they have topped Billboard Hot 100 chart for the seventh consecutive week.

Another Suga prophecy has come true, proving there is great power in his words.

Jimin (left) and Suga (right) | BANGTANTV

ARMYs have taken to Twitter to react to this historic event. Here are 10+ of the best ARMY reactions to BTS’s “Butter” seventh consecutive week at No.1 on Billboard Hot 100…

1. When graphic design is your passion…

2. How many weeks?

3. To say we’re proud is an understatement.

4. What Suga wants Suga gets.

5. Doing our celebratory dance like…

6. 7 is definitely BTS’s lucky number!

7. Did you see their bag?

8. J-Hope’s reaction most likely

9. Checking our phones like…

10. Passing the baton…

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