Here’s 20+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s “Butter” Concept Photos Version 4

*orders crab costume*

BTS took ARMYs on vacation to the beach with their release of the fourth and final version of their “Butter” single release concept photos, and we are all loving it.

BTS | BIGHIT_MUSIC/TwitterHere are 20+ ARMY reactions to BTS’s “Butter” single release concept photos Version 4…

1. We want fabulous

2. 🎶I’m diamond, you know I glow up🎶

3. Summer is Jimin’s season

4. Tete to Taehyung

5. This theory…

6. …and these edits

7. Maybe we choked

8. There’s two types of ARMYs…

9. J-Hope giving us Malta vibes

10. We can’t ever rest

11. This is Jin’s era

12. Looking for the butter like…

13. Googling “How to be a watermelon?”

14. Cake by the Ocean

15. We’re not even surprised at this point


Hobo tried to tell us. Hope RM’s wife and 3 kids are happy and healthy. #kpop #bts #btsarmy


16. Mamma Mia! starring BTS when?

17. *pretends to be a crab*

18. You’re guaranteed fun if you go on vacation with J-Hope

19. Just a cool cat resting in the sunlight

20. They sit at the same picnic table

21. Watermelon Suga

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