10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s “A Butterful Getaway” Comeback Special

This comeback special had us in our feels.

BTS are back with another fun bop for the summer! After releasing their Butter CD single release, including their new song “Permission to Dance,” the group came out with their Butterful Getaway Comeback Special on NAVER NOW.

Here are 10+ ARMY reactions to the comeback special…

1. This is absolute perfection

2. We just love seeing Jin happy

3. 👀

4. This is a good look

5. We had a lot of feels

6. We love to see it.

7. RM was straight-up wildin’

8. This is instant serotonin right here

9. Locals would never believe us if we say this is also one of the best rappers of all time.

10. This chaotic moment that we’ll never stop watching

11. Jin straight-up exposed Suga, lol

12. Jungkook is forever BTS’s maknae

13. Ah, he looks so happy!

Source: NAVER NOW. and Image