20+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s CCTV LIVE That Are Way Too Relatable

“melting butter flashbacks”

BTS just held a live broadcast… sort of.

ARMYs got a surprise on December 20 as there appeared to be an upcoming live schedule on YouTube set for 10 PM (KST)/8 AM (EST) with the title “BTS CCTV LIVE.”

When the live event started, it ended up exactly as one would expect from the title: it was CCTV cameras showing eight different locations, including a dance studio, hallway, lounge, and a car.


After waiting a while, we finally got brief glimpses of each BTS member before they suddenly vanished one by one…

Suga | BANGTANTV/ YouTube

It was certainly an interesting way to start or end one’s day. So, here are 20+ ARMY reactions that are honestly way too relatable…

1. We’ve done crazier things

2. If anyone figures out what RM was doing, let us know

3. Very busy, obviously

4. Low-key felt guilty the entire time watching

5. We’re very engaged

6. Can you spot him?

7. Just BTS recreating memes

8. This is why we need each other… Balance.

9. Was preparing for a jump scare any second

10. Hmm… Something seems familiar

11. Yeah, we’re never letting it go

12. Star material

13. He’s so effortlessly cool

14. Suga doing Suga things

15. Casper, the friendly ghost? No, BTS got ARMY

16. Thanos, stay out of this

17. At least we didn’t have to wait an hour this time

18. We doing okay, ARMY?

19. None of your business, Dad

20. Here’s what really happened:

21. Well, things are off to an interesting start

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