10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS And Coldplay’s “My Universe” Remix By Suga That Are Too Real

We’re so proud of Min PD!

British rock band Coldplay recently announced that they would be releasing a new remix of their collaboration with BTS “My Universe.” It would be produced by none other than Suga!

Now the highly anticipated remix has been released, and ARMY are beyond excited. So, here are 10+ reactions…

1. Actually footage of us dancing to the remix

2. It hits different

3. What’s your favorite part? We can’t pick!

4. This fanart is too good not to share

5. We’ll never get over it

6. What a great year for Prod. Suga!

7. Not @ Coldplay tagging the wrong Suga

8. They sit at the same table

9. You know that’s right

10. That’s it, that’s the tweet

11. Prod. Suga is killing it!

12. We’d have to agree

Listen to Suga’s remix of “My Universe” below:

Source: Twitter