Here Are 5+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Potential Comeback That Are Too Relatable

A birthday gift for us?!

Recently SPOTV News reported that BTS will be releasing their new album on July 9, which is the anniversary date of BTS’s fandom ARMY. Shortly after, Big Hit Music released a statement saying, “We will reveal our artists’ plans after they have been finalized.” 

What ARMY heard was not a complete denial of the comeback rumors. With that, ARMYs have been taking to social media to post their reactions and celebrate the upcoming album release.

Here are 5+ of the most relatable tweet reactions to BTS’s comeback…

1. But how do you know?

2. Best birthday gift ever

3. We about to be booked and busy…

4. Realizing we have to break our own record

5. No one loves each other more than BTS and ARMY

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