10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS And Disney’s Collab That Are Too Real

Disney OST by BTS next?

It was announced that following a partnership between HYBE and The Walt Disney Company APAC (Asia Pacific region) that multiple BTS projects would be coming to streaming service Disney+, including PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA and docuseries BTS MONUMENTS: BEYOND THE STAR.

So, here are 10+ very excited ARMY reactions…

1. Waking up to the best news like…

2. BTS make dreams come true.

3. And that’s on manifestation…

4. Is this allowed?

5. Could the mysterious project be related to something for Disney+?

6. We’re connecting the dots…

7. The real questions being asked

8. One step closer to this edit being real

9. Don’t worry; we’ll get BTS everywhere!

10. We’re definitely getting a Disney OST by BTS now. Right?

11. We saw it coming.

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