10+ ARMY Reactions To “BTS Island: In The SEOM” Being Under Maintenance That Are Too Real

HYBE didn’t expect us to be on level 800 already…

BTS‘s self-designed mobile game BTS Island: In the SEOM is finally out!

“BTS Island: In the SEOM” Logo. | Hybe Corporation

Ever since its release, ARMYs have been glued to their phones, helping the little BTS members as they are deserted on an island.

We’re not the only ones obsessed, though. Even maknae Jungkook himself has been hard at work, playing the game.

So, when the app went under maintenance for a couple of hours after only two days of being live, ARMYs were naturally in shock. So, here are 10+ reactions that are too real…

1. No one was more upset than Jungkook

2. What do we do now?

3. We might have gotten carried away.

4. The real reason the app is under maintenance

5. HYBE staff hard at work

6. When ARMYs first saw the notice

7. Oh, right… Other apps exist.

8. On the bright side…

9. HYBE might just be looking out for us.

10. At least we got awards out of it!

11. We were just worried about the little BTS members stuck on that island!