10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s J-Hope Headlining 2022 Lollapalooza That Are Too Real

We’re betting to see both BTS and John Cena in the crowd too.

It has been confirmed that BTS‘s J-Hope will make history as the first Korean artist to headline the Chicago music festival 2022 Lollapalooza.

Naturally, ARMYs were very excited about the news! So, here are 10+ relatable reactions…

1. It’s time to change Lollapalooza‘s name.

2. Imagining J-Hope’s performance on the main stage…

3. J-Hope is making history!

4. We’re definitely getting new music.

5. It’s about to be a whole BTS concert.

6. Imagine Lollapalooza being your first solo stage. Legend things.

7. No one is more excited than BTS themselves.

8. We can’t gatekeep J-Hope from locals no longer, though.

9. Could we possibly be getting that world tour?

10. We’re placing bets that John Cena will be in the front row.

11. You can’t afford to skip this chapter!

12. The concer fits gonna go hard.

13. We’re so proud of this guy!

14. Wait, Jimin spoiled it?!

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