10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s J-Hope And J. Cole’s Legendary Collab “On The Street”

History was made.

BTS‘s J-Hope released his farewell song, “on the street,” featuring his longtime idol, American music artist J. Cole.

Here are 10+ ARMY reactions…

1. Dancing and crying simultaneously

2. When Hope World met Cole World

3. The connections to Jin’s “The Astronaut”

4. Would pay to see J. Cole’s friend’s reaction

5. Then and Now

6. Legendary collab

7. Living for the fanarts!

8. Every J-Hope song is connected

9. Our idols hugging their idols

10. We thought we were ready.

11. J. Cole ate.

12. They might have thought they were joking, but they were manifesting!

13. A masterpiece.

14. No one is more loved than ARMYs!

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