10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS Jungkook’s Sexy Calvin Klein Photoshoot That Are Too Real

Remember when we used to freak out over a forehead?

BTS Jungkook‘s anticipated Calvin Klein photoshoot as the brand’s new global ambassador has been released…

And ARMYs are shook! Check out their funniest and most relatable reactions below.

1. Where is COOKY when you need them?

2. Is this the same person?

3. Jungkook also ironically represents all of us right now.

4. The maknae line wildin’.

5. Even Jungkook’s abs love ARMY.

6. If you need to manifest something, ask an ARMY.

7. Then and now…

8. This barely tips the scale, but we’re trying.

9. Boyfriends or husbands?

10. It was simpler times.

11. Unreleased photos of Jungkook’s photoshoot