Here Are 10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS x Lotte Duty Free’s Sitcom “Friends Must Fly Out” That Are Too Relatable

We need more of BTS in sitcoms!

BTS teamed up with Lotte Duty Free for the sitcom Friends Must Fly Out. It was released before movie screenings at Lotte Cinema.

With the “sitcom” being just five minutes in runtime, it leaves us wanting more. While intended to be an extended commercial for Lotte essentially, it gave the members all a chance to shine as actors. We already know BTS are naturals in variety shows, but it turns out they are for sitcoms too!

Here are 10+ of the best ARMY reactions to Friends Must Fly Out

1. It’s time for BTS to flex their new passports on the next trip

2. When J-Hope sported a new look

3. V is ready for a trip to Australia with his English skills!

4. Jungkook teasing Jimin

5. This parallel

6. Lil Meow Meow starring

7. When KOYA made a guest appearance

8. When will BTS get an official sitcom?

9. The random Spongebob Squarepants meme

10. Jimin is so effortlessly funny

11. Our Gen Z king

12. Actor Jin’s debut when? Someone give this man his lead role!

Watch the sitcom below:

Source: Twitter