10+ ARMY Reactions to BTS’ “Proof” Exclusive CD-Only Tracks

So many unheard tracks to listen to!

This album has no skips!


BTS‘ long-awaited comeback anthology album Proof, features new songs, many of the groups most popular songs, and previously unreleased and demo tracks. While fans have enjoyed the throwbacks and references in the title track “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”, fans are also having a great time listening to the third CD’s CD-only tracks.

Here are fan reactions to each CD-only track:

Track 1: Jump demo version brings out fans’ wild side!

Track 2: Young Love is all about the Namkook feels.

Track 3: Boy In Luv demo version is a banger. Enough said.

Track 4: Quotation Mark should have been released ages ago!

Track 5: I NEED U demo version hits as hard as the official version.

Track 6: Boyz With Fun demo version is hilariously fun!

Track 7: Tony Montana (ft Jimin) is sexy!


Track 8: Young Forever RM demo version hits right in the feels.

Track 9: Spring Day V Demo version is a tear-jerker.


Track 10: DNA J-Hope demo version shows how talented he is!

Track 11: Epiphany Jin demo version a royal experience.

Track 12: Seesaw demo version is a masterpiece!

Track 13: Still With You (Acapella) is a transcendent experience!

Track 14: For Youth is all about ARMY and BTS’s love for the each other.