ARMYs Reimagine BTS 2022 FESTA Family Portraits As 5+ Iconic Movie And K-Drama Posters

They really radiate those rich CEO vibes!

Recently, BTS released their annual family portrait collection, kicking off 2022 FESTA as the group celebrates their 9th anniversary since their June 13 debut.

From left: J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook, Suga, RM, V, and Jimin of BTS. | Weverse

BTS recreated some iconic photos from their past.

Still, ARMYs couldn’t help but be reminded of something else when viewing the new photos…

The photoshoot radiated rich CEO vibes! Naturally, we thought of some of our favorite K-Dramas.

So, ARMYs reimagined some of the photos as posters for iconic K-Dramas and movies. Here are 5+ of the best…

1. Boys Over Flowers

Based on Yoko Kamio‘s Japanese manga series Boys Over Flowers, the K-Drama adaptation of the same name is a classic!

| Weverse via @tomoyoland/Twitter
| Weverse via @MoulyRm/Twitter

2. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

The 2018 K-Drama starring Park Seo Joon is a fan favorite, and we can all imagine BTS in similar roles as his!

| Weverse via @joonstudio/Twitter
| Weverse via @joonstudio/Twitter
| Weverse via @tiffunny20/Twitter

3. Business Proposal

2022 K-Drama Business Proposal became an instant hit among even Jungkook himself! Yet, while it was airing, ARMYs imagined Jin in the starring role.

| @heyitstaegi/Twitter
| @heyitstaegi/Twitter
| Weverse via @hourlytkhands/Twitter

4. The Devil Wears Prada

This is not a K-Drama but a popular 2006 American rom-com starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. Somehow, it works just as well.

| Weverse via hobvicore/Twitter

5. Fifty Shades of Grey

Another hit American romance film is none other than Fifty Shades of Grey. Yet, in this case, would it be Fifty Shades of Borahae?

| Weverse via @tiffunny20/Twitter

6. Love and Leashes 

Lastly, we have the 2022 Netflix original Korean film Love and Leashes, which sparked many hilarious meme reactions from K-Pop fans. This is another one that Jungkook watched!

| Weverse via @tiffunny20/Twitter
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