A.R.M.Y Threw A BTS Themed Party, And As Expected…It was LIT

These BTS-inspired parties show how creative and cool ARMYs can be!

When A.R.M.Y want to celebrate their love of BTS right, they throw a BTS-themed party! Check out some of the LIT parties below, for all budgets and all ages!


1. 5th birthday party

Twitter user @tygults melted hearts around the world when he posted photos of his younger brother’s BTS-themed 5th birthday party.

The entire house was decorated with pictures of BTS!

Even the columns and walls were plastered with pictures and posters!

And the cake really was something, with popups of the members waving and doing finger hearts!

Video of the little guy trying to blow out the candles on his mammoth cake is adorable!

And later, to say thanks for all the birthday wishes he received on Twitter, he performed a dance cover of Mic Drop!


2. Sweet 13th

Danielle’s 13th birthday party went off with a customized BTS board and awesome cake, complete with a photo table dedicated to the boys!

With a sleek design and cute color palette, the cake looks sweet and delicious!

The personalized cake toppers were the icing on the cake.


3. Turning 17 in style

For Mercy’s 17th, she wanted a K-Pop inspired party, with BTS front and centre! She made a welcome banner for guests as they enter the party.

She also decorated some awesome cupcakes with BTS’s logo, along with some of her other favorite groups.


4. BTS on a budget

One group of ARMYs in the Czech Republic decided to throw a themed party just for the hell of it – but they were on a budget.

They ate Korean food, drank rice wine called makgeolli and sang BTS karaoke, and even made special wallpaper for the event!

But the coolest thing was the handmade game of Concentration, using pictures of the boys!

And easy way to make a unique BTS party!


5. Mothers who make cake

Birthday parties aren’t complete without a cake, and these mothers went all out for their kids by making BTS cakes.

It just proves the cake really is the star of the show!


6. Forest of floating heads

One ARMY’s BTS-themed 17th birthday party had guests walk through a stream of floating heads dangling from the ceiling.

She also received a lot RM pictures as presents and added them to the decorations.

And cut out pictures and memes to decorate the table! To top it off, the jars were filled with summarized quotes of some K-Pop group and idols and random words which should be guessed as party games.


7. 21st determination

One ARMY had to take matters into her own hands when her mom tried to decorate for her BTS-themed 21st!

Her mom stuck a drawing that she had done of Jungkook on her cake, but had no ideas for how else to decorate.

So the birthday girl took over, making the tablecloth from scratch and decorating with BTS logos and the member’s names.