ARMYs, Here’s The Latest “Try-Not-To-Feel-Embarrassed” Challenge And It’s For J-Hope This Time: Can You Succeed?

Here’s BTS majestically failing the “try-not-to-get-embarrassed-by-Hoseok” challenge.

Sometimes, BTS’s J-Hope performs so amazingly, you start to think of him as a superior being.

His dance moves are on point.

His rapping style gets better and better over time.

And the onstage he charisma he exudes is on a whole new level.

You begin to think that Hoseok is perfect.

And you forget that he’s a human, too — until he gets embarrassed or he embarrasses you, that is!

Here are BTS’s J-Hope‘s top nine most embarrassing moments — both for him and for everyone who’s watching him. Get ready!

1. So embarrassed, his face color started changing

Who could ever forget this historic episode from BTS American Hustle Life where Hoseok was too busy performing for the camera, he was seen laying down on the elevator floor?

2. When BTS revealed his spending habits

Look at his embarrassment: it’s subtle, but if you look close enough, you can see it

3. Aegyo King

He hesitated at first, but nothing’s stopping J-Hope when he wants to live up to his title.

4. When he’s panicking about deleting a comment

Because BTS are humans who have technology mishaps, too.

5. When celebrating

Because precious moments need to be celebrated by precious people like Jung Hoseok. 

6. That’s how you make an introduction

He dances so embarrassingly well, he brings every member of BTS down to their knees.

7. Flower Hobi

Remember when this showed up on your screen and you laughed so hard you burst out what you were drinking?

8. Look at Namjoon

He has obviously failed this “try-not-to-be-embarrassed” challenge.

9. It’s okay

Because at the end of the day, J-Hope gets shy and embarrassed at rare occasions, too.

Did you succeed in this challenge? Kudos to you!