ARMYs Are Incredibly Hungry And Thirsty For BTS’s J-Hope’s Husky Voice — Here Are 15+ Receipts, Your Honor

#8 shows how J-Hope actually talks to the maknae line.

Most fans know BTS‘s J-Hope as the group’s dancing machine who sometimes leads the dance choreography for their comebacks.

Sometimes, he’s also known as the “Aegyo King” because of his bright smile and sunny personality that can lighten the mood every time BTS has an interview or a broadcast.

Other times, though, J-Hope is also considered as part of the unbeatable rap line that sets the stage on fire every time they rap powerful verses and savage lines.

Because of his incredibly versatile voice, ARMYs all over the world can’t get over how his voice has a duality of its own. It can be soft and angelic when he’s singing…

…and it can also be deep and raspy when he’s rapping.

Check out these 15+ tweets from fans who get soft just for J-Hope’s voice alone.

1. His voice is attractive to any gender identity

2. It hits different when J-Hope’s half asleep

3. It’s like he’s a different person speaking a different language

4. How can anyone survive this?

5. Such a powerful song to motivate you to look for a brighter future

6. Unfiltered

7. It’s like the first sip of water when you’re thirsty

8. This is how he actually speaks to the maknae line

9. Appreciate art in its simplest form

10. Professional J-Hope

11. The duality in his voice

12. Voice of an angel, jawline of a god

13. The editor’s struggle is real

14. Don’t listen to this compilation if you’re not ready

15. Smooth criminal

16. Difference between J-Hope and Hobi

17. Such a refreshing breath of fresh air

18. Where’s the lie, though?

19. Raise your hand if you’ve replayed his part in this song

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