ARMYs Are Pro At Finding All The Details In BTS’s “Outro: Ego” Comeback Trailer

What other details have you found?

With BTS J-Hope’s “Outro: Ego” Comeback Trailer release, fans have already started to post all the details and meanings behind some of the scenes from the video online.

ARMYs have become pro detectives in finding fun details throughout the video, including things that connect to the BTS storyline.

Here are some things fans have come across in the new video.

1. Street Signs

These signs seem to point towards the future with messages that read, “Road to myself”, “Future”, “Follow your dream 94”, and “U-Turn prohibited.”

2. Typography

The street and the maze spell the word “길로” which means “that way” in English.

3. Accessories

Even with his dapper suit styling, he still keeps it ‘Hobi’ style with his smiley necklaces and bracelet. Fans even found out the brand of the necklace he was wearing!

4. References

Another fan realized that “Ego” referenced 2Cool4Skool while” Shadow” connected to ORUL82? and “Persona” to Skool Luv Affair.


Throughout the music video, there are constant signs and messages that show their love for their fans, ARMY.

6. God References

They also reference different gods such as Ra and Mitra, who are both Gods of Sun, just like our ray of sunshine Hobi!

7. Past Solo Works

The music video pays respect to J-Hope’s solo works including “Airplane” and “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

8. License Plate Number

The car J-Hope drives in the music video reads ‘BTS 13613’ which is also the day BTS debuted.

9. Kingsman References

The tailor shop in the video refers to scenes from the movie Kingsman.

10. BTS and ARMY Signs

The last scene shows a world filled with ARMY and BTS, showing that it will always be about them and their fans.

And with that, the amazing BTS rap line trio is now complete!

Were there any other details that you found in the video? Let us know!