ARMYs Ranked All Of BTS’s Songs From Best To Worst, Here Are The Results

ARMY has spoken. These are the greatest BTS hits of all time!

BTS has produced nearly 100 tracks since their debut, each one a bigger hit than the last. In honor of the group’s 5 year anniversary, PopCrush invited A.R.M.Y to rank all 97 of BTS’s songs via poll. According to BTS fans, these are BTS’s top 50 songs of all time.


50. “Intro: Never Mind”

“Intro: Never Mind,” is said to be about Suga‘s teenage years as a gifted rapper and songwriter. Through this song, Suga encourages his fans to keep fighting for their dreams, no matter how many obstacles stand in their way.


49. “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2”

This rap-heavy anthem is one of BTS’s earliest singles. In this song, even the group’s vocalists are rapping. The video shows BTS showing off their aggressive, “bulletproof” side as they fight for their place in the hip-hop scene.


48. “Awake”

Jin‘s soulful voice blew fans away when BTS released this solo track. In this song, Jin shows fans his vulnerable side as he holds onto six precious flowers, which represent his members.


47. “No More Dream”

BTS’s first-ever single definitely deserves a place in the top 50! Both the song and video introduce BTS’s rebellious youth concept as they fight nay-sayers, society, and anyone else who stands in the way of them pursuing their passions.


46. “Intro: Singularity”

This soulful, melancholy song couldn’t suit V‘s vocals better. Fans fell in love with the video’s unique choreography, which featured coat trees and floating masks.


45. “Boyz With Fun”

This song is impossible not to dance along to. It’s bouncy, boisterous, and (as the title says) fun! Plus, V gets the chance to show off his badass inner rapper.


44. “Dimple”

In this sweet love track, BTS calls dimples “illegal” because they are dangerously cute. It’s impossible not to fall head over heels for an angelic, dimpled smile!


43. “Lost”

BTS’s vocal line (Jimin, Jin, V, and Jungkook) show off their beautiful vocals in this song about pursuing dreams in the face of adversity. As always, BTS isn’t afraid to reveal their struggles through their music in order to provide emotional support to fans who are facing the same challenges.


42. “Boy in Luv”

Some might say that this song was the one that put BTS on the path to international stardom. This iconic track pumps up listeners with an intense mix of rock and hip-hop. “Boy in Luv” was also one of BTS’s first songs to show off the group’s full vocal and rap ranges. Many of their earlier tracks, like “No More Dream” and “Bulletproof Pt. 2” focused more on rap than vocals.


41. “First Love”

Suga bared his soul in this intimate ode to his first musical love, the piano. His relationship with this instrument began in childhood and has continued to this day. In fact, the piano has been used as a motif to represent Suga in several music videos, including BTS’s most recent one for “Fake Love”.


40. “So What”

This high-energy, carefree track is ideal for summertime. This youth anthem’s cheerful, bouncy sound will encourage listeners to forget their worries.


39. “Paradise”

This song is for lost souls, who are wandering aimlessly still trying to find their purpose. It comforts listeners by telling them that it’s okay to take a step back, relax, and reassess your life.


38 “Intro: Boy Meets Evil”

Wings‘ opening track features rapper J-Hope and vocalist Jungkook. It explores several complex conflicts, including good vs evil, greed vs ambition, and love vs hate.


37 “2! 3! Still Wishing For Better Days”

This emotionally raw track will hit you right in the feels. It tells of a struggle everyone can relate to: the hope that there will be better days even when things seem bleak. BTS lets their fans know that they will do their best to help them forget their problems by being a light and comfort during these times.


36. “Rain”

“Rain” has a cozy, jazz vibe that makes it the perfect choice for rainy days. Put on your comfy clothes, brew yourself a coffee, and relaxed to this easy-listening song.


35. “Sea”

Only fans who buy a physical copy of Love Yourself: Her will be able to hear this hidden track. In “Sea”, BTS expresses gratitude for their current fame while remembering the pain of being told that they would never succeed.


34. “Best of Me”

This collaboration is the musical lovechild of BTS and The Chainsmokers. It combines BTS’s catchy lyrics and hip-hop sound with The Chainsmokers’ EDM vibe.


33. “Go Go”

When compared BTS’s more emotionally heavy songs, like “Sea”, “Go Go” doesn’t have a lot of depth. That said, its fresh, funky sound makes it a go-to party track!


32. “21st Century Girls”

BTS fans have praised “21st Century Girls” for its empowering lyrics. This song tells female listeners that they are perfect, worth it, and strong enough to speak up for themselves.


31. “Intro: Serendipity”

Through imagery, Jimin channels The Little Prince in both the “Serendipity” song and its teaser music video. This ambient solo track was released ahead of Love Yourself: Her in the album’s comeback trailer.


30. “Lie”

“Lie” is another one of Jimin’s solo tracks, but it has an entirely different feel thn “Serendipity”. This song’s use of string instruments give it a dark, ominous sound that is both beautiful and haunting.


29. “Love Maze”

“Love Maze” is about overcoming obstacles and adversity for the sake of love; “If we are together, even this endless maze is a paradise”.


28. “Whalien 52”

“Whalien 52,” alludes to “the most lonely creature in the world”, a whale that releases a mating call at 52 Hertz, which is too high of a frequency to hear. Although this song is about present loneliness, it looks hopefully toward the future.


27. “Moving On”

In “Moving On”, BTS share memories about living together in their debut years. Each members share their own unique perspective and stories, but for all the members, moving into a new dorm symbolizes moving on to a new chapter of their lives.


26. “Not Today”

This blood-pumping anthem is for “all the underdogs in the world”! Its powerful lyrics encourage listeners never to give up, which makes it the ideal workout song. The “Not Today” music video is shot like an action movie and follows the members as they run from a gang of back up dancers.


25. “RUN”

 “Run” explores the struggles that come with trying to hold onto a destructive relationship that is destined to fail. In the video, the BTS members keep running, figuratively and literally, because there is nothing else they can do to fight for what they love.


24. “Outro: House of Cards”

In this song, BTS uses a house of cards to symbolize a relationship that is fragile and not built to last.


23. “DOPE”

In “DOPE”, BTS mixes their hip-hop style with synth for an exciting, electric sound. This song is about putting in the time, effort, and hard work needed to achieve your goals.


22. “BTS Cypher Pt. 3: Killer”

Like all “Cypher” tracks, “KILLER” doesn’t pull any punches. In it, BTS’s rap line threatens to take down any rappers who look down on them as “idol rappers”. After hearing “KILLER”, haters will need help picking up their dropped jaws from the floor.


21. “Let Me Know”

“Let Me Know”, written and produced by Suga, is the intense need for closure that comes after a breakup. It is a raw and beautiful look at heartbreak that many listeners can relate to.


20. “Fire”

“Fire” definitely lives up to its name! It is, in a word, “lit”. The song is a blaze of energy and its music video features equally intense dance routine.


19. “Dead Leaves”

In this song, BTS uses autumn leaves to describe an ending relationship. This slow-jam’s mellow, R&B vibe also make it a great song to listen to while on a peaceful autumn stroll.


18. “Butterfly”

This gorgeous song compares the temporal nature of human life to a brief encounter with a butterfly. In the time it takes for a butterfly to fly away, a loved one’s life can end. The vocal line’s raw, beautifully haunting vocals expresses this fear with openness and sincerity.


17. “Silver Spoon”

“Silver Spoon” could be considered one of BTS’s most controversal songs, because it openly criticizes aspects of Korean work culture, such as over-worked part-timers and unfair pay discrepancies. BTS demands change to set these ongoing wrongs right.


16. “I NEED U”

“I NEED U” blew fans away with its meaningful lyrics, incredible vocals, and heartbreaking music video. This video plays a key role in BTS’s ongoing plotline, having introduced many of the situations the members face in subsequent music videos.


15. “DNA”

“DNA” is one of BTS’s most legendary hits to date. This song launched BTS into the eye of the American public, and won over millions of new fans with its catchy, electro-pop sound.


14. “Tomorrow”

Like “Silver Spoon”, “Tomorrow” focuses on problems youth encounter in the working world. It focuses on the frustration people often experience while trying to find jobs and achieve their dreams.


13. “BTS Cypher Pt. 4”

Like BTS’s previous cypher, “KILLER”, this one confronts BTS’s critics but in a much different way. Rather than calling out their haters, they brush them off and focus on their own accomplishments. Instead of wasting energy haters, BTS declares that they will use that energy to love themselves.


12. “Epilogue: Young Forever”

This song focuses on the group’s youth and passion as they continue to pursue their dreams.


11. “Mic Drop”

This aptly named song goes back to BTS’s old school hip-hop roots. “Mic Drop” is a boastful track that proudly lists off their accomplishments then ends with, you guessed it, a mic drop.


10. “Pied Piper”

“Pied Piper” is inspired by the classic fairytale. Rather than using their music to lead rats away from a town, BTS’s pied pipers lure fans away from their studies and their daily difficulties.


9. “Magic Shop”

“Magic Shop” was produced by Jungkook and is dedicated to BTS’s fans. Each of the members express their love and gratitude for A.R.M.Y in their own way.


8. “Anpanman”

“Anpanman” is named after a Japanese superhero of the same name. This bread-headed cartoon saves people by spreading happiness, which is what BTS aims to do too.


7. “Airplane Pt. 2”

“Airplane Pt.2” is the sequel to J-Hope’s solo song, “Airplane”, but unlike “Airplane”, this song has a sultry Latin vibe rather than a hip-hop one.


6. “Outro: Tear”

“Outra: Tear” ends the Love Yourself: Tear with a bang. In this song, RM plays around with the word “tear”, while blowing fans away with his incredibly fierce rapping.


5. “Save Me”

“Save Me” is a beautifully sad call for help and won over fans with its catchy lyrics and simple music video. In the dream-like video, the members perform on a gloomy beach that seems endless.


4. “Blood, Sweat & Tears”

“Blood, Sweat & Tears” has a much different sound than many of BTS’s older tracks and its artistic video took BTS into new territory. Both the song and video are loaded with imagery that play around with the idea of temptation.


3. “The Truth Untold (Feat. Steve Aoki)”

This is BTS’s second collaboration with American DJ and producer, Steve Aoki. “The Truth Untold” is much different from “Mic Drop”. It is slow and melancholy and allows the vocal line to shine.


2. “Fake Love”

This song is about becoming so deeply entangled in love that you lose sight of who you are and find yourself unable to break free. This love can be between two people, or between you and yourself. The music video touches on the inevitability of fate as many of the members find themselves unable to escape the situations originally presented in the “I NEED U” music video.


1. “Spring Day”

According to A.R.M.Y, “Spring Day” is the best BTS song of all time. This musically diverse song weaves, electronia, rock, and hip-hop together to create a yearning song with a dreamy atmosphere. The music video makes reference to the short story, Those Who Walk Away From Omelas, which is about a child who must live in misery in exchange for the town’s happiness.

Source: Pop Crush