ARMYs Show Their Unstoppable Power By Overtaking Yet Another Hateful #ARMYIsOverParty Hashtag — Here Are 20 Clap Backs

ARMYs will never bow down to the hate.

By now, it really isn’t too surprising when something along the lines of #ARMYIsOverParty trends on Twitter. The BTS fandom is so massive and powerful these days, they get way more attention than other music fandoms, which in turn, unfortunately, leads to more hate. Which is really too bad, because the ARMY is a great place to be! The fans are generally extremely supportive of each other, love and respect the members of BTS, and have even donated money to various charities over the last couple of years through organized campaigns and projects. What is there to hate?

Today, since the #ARMYIsOverParty hashtag was trending on Twitter again, BTS fans quickly took over the hashtag to completely drown out the haters. Here are 20 receipts that people are enjoying.

1. Haters, where you at?

2. If this isn’t a mood…

3. Nice try!

4. Yes, ARMYs are truly such a horrible fandom…

5. Sorry, not sorry?

6. Seriously though, where’s the toxicity?

7. Oof.

8. Y’all hear somethin’?

9. This is the power of ARMYs!

10. Time to stream “Your Eyes Tell”!

11. See, ARMYs are so generous!

12. Good luck next time, but… It’ll probably get taken over again then too!

13. Ain’t no party like an “ARMY is cancelled” party!

14. Is this why they’re mad?

15. Where’s the lie though?

16. Some of these are just too hilarious

17. Why not join instead of hate?

18. Seriously. It’s a good place to be.

19. Just turn the hate into love.

20. Anyway, stan BTS!