ARMYs Are Unbelievably Hungry And Thirsty For BTS’s V’s Tongue Technology — Here Are 20 Receipts, Your Honor

V’s tongue technology is really naughty, especially at #17.

It goes without saying, but the truth is, BTS is really composed of wonderfully sexy men, aren’t they?

Take, for example, their resident vocalist with the deep, husky voice, V, who looks incredibly hot even when he’s just simply singing…

…or even when he’s simply performing, without revealing anything in particular.

When his naughty tongue habit kicks in, though, ARMYs can start feeling the temperature of the room rise up.

And so with every performance…

With every event attendance when his tongue makes an appearance…

…or even for every fan meeting where his tongue makes his comeback, too, ARMYs couldn’t help but feel incredibly thirsty for V.

Here are the top 20 funniest thirst tweets about Kim Taehyung — watch out for the bonus tweet in the end, because it’ll definitely make you spit the water you’re drinking right now!

1. Can you get his tongue in jail?

2. It’s part of the BTS concert starter pack

3. Remember the lyrics, “Oh baby, you’re so fine, you blow my mind~”?

4. He’s smooth as an iced Americano

5. He’s simply walking, but why does he still manage to make ARMYs thirsty?

6. …you mean, aside from looking at the whole group?

7. It’s such a video-bomber

8. Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt attacked by Taehyung

9. We can practically hear the heavy breathing

10. He’s part of the dance line, too!

11. Adding his voice would make it a triple threat

12. Please, sir, it’s not good for the baby

13. How many souls have been destroyed because of this dangerous attack?

14. The tongue is hot enough — but adding the voice? No, enough

15. It’s such an art in motion

16. Millions of ARMYs know exactly how you feel

17. We’re sorry, but at least you did what you loved, right?

18. Don’t look unless you can handle it

19. Honestly, can you blame him?

20. Suga is our spirit animal

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