These Artists Turned These 8 Commercials Into Complete Bops Deserving Of An Album

Who said a commercial has to be boring? Get up and dance!

In North America, we often have incredibly boring commercials. Usually, the only time we get fun commercials is when it’s Super Bowl season. However, Korea is quite different.

Who needs a monotone voice telling you what medicine you need or what kitchen device will make your life easier? In Korea, they make it even more fun by singing it to you! Most of the time, you can’t even tell it’s a commercial!

Here are just 8 of some of the best commercial songs K-Pop has to offer.

1. “IONIQ: I’m On It” by BTS

If you never thought a song selling a car could be stuck in your head for days, this is for you. This commercial was promoting the Hyundai IONIQ, which is an electrically powered car. Where’s the album, though?

2. “Taste the Feeling” by NCT 127

Many NCTzens probably don’t know this song from the group’s debut year, 2016. Although it’s just a simple Coca-Cola commercial, this fantastic song has stuck with many veteran NCTzens until today.

3. “Mint Cho Bon Bon” by VIXX’s RAVI

Remixing his original song “범 (Bom),” Ravi created an absolute bop promoting Baskin Robbins‘ new ice cream flavor “Mint Choco Bon Bon!”


The most recent commercial of them all, PENTAGON released this TIPCO juice commercial only yesterday! It’s bright, colorful, and has a fun beat. Honestly, we’re craving some juice right now…

5. “woo hoo” by MAMAMOO

MAMAMOO surprised millions when they found out that this was actually a commercial for the LG G5 & Friends cell phone. Their vocals and the amount of time and effort put into this music video quickly made it a fan favorite. It was even taken all in one take!

6. “COOL LOVE” by VIXX’s Hongbin and MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

We honestly don’t think we’ve seen a commercial this beautiful and sleek before. Despite the title, Hongbin, Hyungwon, and Pepsi truly brought the heat with this song!

7. “Chocolate Love” by f(x)

The edgier sister song of “Chocolate Love” by Girls’ Generation, both songs promoted the LG Chocolate cell phone! This version has a harsh sound and is much darker in appearance, which fans loved.

8. “Be Yourself” by CHUNGHA

CHUNGHA absolutely slayed 2020 with a… Sprite commercial? Yes, fans went crazy to find out that this absolute gem is just a soda commercial. However, is anything CHUNGHA makes bad? We didn’t think so.

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