From Assembling Furniture To Cooking, BTS’s Suga Is Truly The Jack-Of-All-Trades

Need help? Suga is your man.

We all know what a genius mastermind BTS’s Suga is when it comes to all things music.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

One might think that because he’s talented in music that he might not be that good at other things. Suga is actually known to be good at a variety of other things from cooking, assembling furniture, and more!

He even once revealed that if he didn’t become a singer he might have done a furniture business because of his interest in interior design. One of his hobbies even includes reading the IKEA manual!

While the hyung line usually takes control over what happens in their dorms, Suga is in charge of the household portion. He is usually the one that assembles things from exercise equipment, shoe shelves, and even their bidet!

Even taking a look at his studio you can see a lot of different pieces of furniture that he put together on his own.

He is always busy putting things together whether it be for his studio, for the members, or on an airplane.

You can see him fixing or making things from time to time and it’s something all Suga fans love to see!

He’s even good at sewing for goodness sake!

He is also known for his cooking skills! He once mentioned that he learned from his own brother who used to work at a restaurant in Seoul.

You can see him washing hands before starting to cook any meal.

He even knows to use a separate bowl to taste the food as a way to keep things sanitary.

He even separate vegetables from meat by using two different chopping boards!

He is also the person that takes care of money and expenses whenever they go on a trip.

Even when they receive money for their trip, the members automatically give the money to Suga, knowing that he will organize and use it well for the team.

It seems like our Suga is truly a jack of all trades in all fields!