5 Reasons Why ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Went Viral With Korean Netizens Recently

K-Netizens just can’t get enough of Eunwoo—and who can blame them?!

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo is always capturing attention from international K-Pop fans, but many don’t realize just how often he goes viral in South Korea too. Just take a look at five times posts about Eunwoo made it to the daily trends on popular Korean community site Pann.

1. His four-cuts

Last month, a post about Eunwoo and BTS V‘s handsome “four-cuts” reached over 99,500 views on Pann, making it to no.6 on the daily trending post ranking.

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Four-cuts are sets of four images taken in a photobooth, Korean netizens just couldn’t get over how incredible Eunwoo looks in his.

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2. His marriage talk

In February, a post about Cha Eunwoo’s talk of marriage reached over 158,600 views on Pann, reaching no.13 on the daily trending post ranking.


In an episode of Master in the House that day, Eunwoo shocked the hosts and viewers alike when he began to cry while talking about how much he’d like to get married. Eunwoo tearily explained that he’d like to meet someone special so he can tell them everything inside himself without restraint.


I think it’s hard to meet someone that you’re able to tell all your embarrassing sides and really connect with, but once you have a family or get married, it becomes possible.

— Cha Eunwoo

3. His blonde hair

In March, a post about Eunwoo’s blonde hair reached over 112,400 views on Pann, making it to no.33 on the daily trending post ranking.

Eunwoo spent most of his career with relatively dark hair, so fans were understandably shocked when he was spotted with bleached locks for the first time.

4. His True Beauty styling

In January, a post about Eunwoo’s True Beauty styling reached over 286,800 views on Pann, making it to no.1 on the daily trending post ranking.

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In the thread, fans talked about how odd many of the outfits he wore on tvN‘s True Beauty were. Of course, as many netizens pointed out, Eunwoo’s face is what everyone was really focusing on.

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5. His female edit

In March, a collection of genderbending edits of male celebrities—including Eunwoo—reached over 257,000 views, making it to no.3 on the daily trending post ranking.

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How can Eunwoo be so attractive as a boy and a girl? Netizens couldn’t believe it.

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