ASTRO And PENTAGON Attempt To Create Their Own Hilarious And Relatable Memes

Will you be using any of them?

On the latest DIVE Studios‘ UNBOXING’ w/ ASTRO’s JINJIN and PENTAGON’s KINO episode, JinJin and Kino were joined by ASTRO‘s Rocky and Sanha alongside PENTAGON‘s Wooseok.

During the show, maknae Sanha recalled the time he created a “Capitalist Smile” meme by drinking some sour lemonade but maintaining a perfect smile!

Host Kino then thought it would be interesting to create their own memes that their fans could use when messaging each other!

Here is a look at what each member came up with!

1. Sanha: “I want to evade questions.”

2. Wooseok: “I want to get off work.”

3. Rocky: “Are we really going to eat?”

4. JinJin: “I am doomed!”

5. Kino: “I’m very excited!”

Which one is the best? Will you be using any of these the next time you’re messaging your friends? Make sure to watch the full episode below to see the stories behind each of the images!