5+ Times ASTRO’s Rocky Has Shown His Genuine Sincerity As An Idol

He has always gone above and beyond for his fans and members.

Fans have always loved ASTRO‘s Rocky for his unwavering kindness toward fans and support for his members.

ASTRO’s Rocky | @offclASTRO/Twitter

After pursuing a musical theater role in Billy Elliot the Musical, Rocky joined Fantagio Entertainment in 2012 at just 11 years old. Because of how early Rocky began his training, the idol has admitted that his “darkest moment” was when he realized that he was “sort of lacking in social skills” since he “didn’t get to learn to socialize like most kids would in school.”

Rocky as a child | @offclASTRO/Twitter

But this “darkest moment” quickly passed as he “learned to listen to others and look around me… and to love each other.” Since his debut, Rocky has continually shown his incredible passion and sincerity for all he does, always astonishing fans with his all-rounder skills.

Here are seven times ASTRO’s Rocky has shown his true personality.

1. When he always makes sure to greet fans

There’s no denying that not only does Rocky love performing on stage with ASTRO, but he also loves getting the chance to see and interact with fans.

2. When he brought fans his favorite food

Rocky has often boasted about how delicious his mother’s gimbap is.

Rocky once ensured that lucky fans got to try his favorite food by bringing his mother’s delicious gimpab to a fan sign event.

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3. When Sanha picked Rocky as the member he felt most supported by

ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha are part of a successful sub-unit that always captivates fans with their powerful stages.

In an interview for their debut, “Bad Idea,” Sanha shared just how supportive Rocky was in his members’ unit debut.

I will pick Rocky! I’m very thankful for Rocky.

Rocky sent us a message while we ended our practice. He sent a message asking if we were doing alright. So I sent him our dance practice video and told him this and that. After that, he pointed out parts that were lacking so I was extremely grateful.

— Sanha

4. When Rocky always made sure to help his members

Speaking of helping his members with their dancing, as one of ASTRO’s main dancers, Rocky has always stepped up to help his members with their practice, ensuring that ASTRO maintains their dynamic synchronicity despite their difficult choreography.

5. When Rocky held a series of live broadcasts to support fans

No matter his schedule, Rocky has always made time to interact with fans. He is especially active in uploading dance or song covers, trying to ensure fans have new content.

For a while, Rocky even held live broadcasts dedicated to talking to fans about their worries and concerns, and he did his best to give advice.

6. When Moonbin talked about how much Rocky cares for his members

Throughout the years, Rocky has always supported all his members throughout their group and solo activities, making sure they felt supported and encouraged.

Rocky is a good guy. The way he cares for the members! He’s got a pure heart.

— Moonbin

7. When he used his first-ever ending fairy to express his love for fans in sign language

Rocky got his first opportunity to be ASTRO’s ending fairy for the performance of their song “ONE” on Inkigayo.

| @SBS KPOP/YouTube

When the camera panned to him, Rocky used the opportunity to sign the words “I love you. Thank you.”

Fans later asked how he decided on that particularly touching ending fairy, and Rocky explained that he wanted to express his feelings without using words.

I just always expressed my feelings with just my words, so I was wondering if there would be another way to convey my heart… and so, I did it like that.

— Rocky

There is certainly no denying that ASTRO’s Rocky sincerely loves both his fans and members.

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