ATEEZ Announces A 2022 World Tour And Fans Can’t Handle It

ATEEZ has made Christmas come early and now fans have a lot to process

ATEEZ‘s world tour, which has been rumored about for some time already, is officially happening!

Titled, THE FELLOWSHIP : BEGINNING OF THE END, the tour and its announcement follow on the heels of an online concert that ATEEZ performed on the 14th of November, a concert that many fans called “heartwarming.” It really seems like ATEEZ are going above and beyond to reconnect with fans and make them happy!

The tour’s announcement was made through an enigmatic video released on Youtube that prominently shows ATEEZ motifs such as the map and the sand clock. These directly allude to the two titles displayed in the teaser, which are “Map of the Treasure” and “Beginning of the End,” suggesting that there is still an overarching story for fans to piece together.

But before anyone can do that, fans may need some time to recover from the news first. After all, now that ATEEZ has made Christmas come early, netizens have to process both the concert and the world tour announcement! Here are some of the most relatable reactions on Twitter so far.


1. ATEEZ Tour???


2. Take my money


3. It’s happening


4. Not ready


5. I’d sell a kidney for this


How do you feel about ATEEZ’s news?